Saturday, August 2, 2008

I found a new hobby

Not really a hobby, but a new outlet for that crazy creative fire that I can't seem to quench. But the pictures above are of a new idea, that I stole from a magazine, Body & Mind, I think.

These are meant to be candy dishes. I went to Goodwill to reclaim dishes that the previous owners no longer wanted. I found little fiddlys to make the handle and there you go. I think they are darling. At the moment I am only charging $20 per dish. I will be placing them on Paypal, hopefully by the end of the weekend. But, and this is pretty standard policy for me, if you are a reader of this blog and would like to talk about me either making something specific for you, or purchasing something I have posted, please just leave me a comment with someway to get a hold of you and we can talk. I want to reach as many people as I can.

I believe in what I am doing with my work and I want it to be seen. I try to make the highest quality things that I can, and I try to keep the price down to very reasonable.