Tuesday, April 15, 2008


After months and months of searching, I HAVE A JOB!!!! That's right, I am shouting about it. I am very excited about the oppurtunity that is in front of me. I will begin training to be the ad director for midwiferytoday, a proffenssional journal for midwives. There are so many great things about this job. Frankly, one of the neatest things is that it is only 20 hours a week and I still get to be home with the kids after school.

I have been so busy getting ready to go back to work that I did, in all honesty, forget to blog. I hope that now that things have calmed down I will bel blogging more often. I have also been working on a sort of thereapy program. What I am doing is going through and looking at what sorts of things are important to me and my family and finding ways to keep them in the for front. This program is also helping me understand some of the insanity that krept into my life. Now, of course I just need to figure out how to tell the crazyness to go away. Funny how drama can derail creativity.

Speaking of that, I wonder if any of you know any artists who have lost their way. Lost their art, as it were. I know several and have been thinking alot about how to help them find it again. If any of you have ideas, let me know.


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My goodness

I haven't posted for a while, because spring break got away from us. So here are some pics for your amusement.
The following two pictures were taken within five minutes of each other. In the first you can see the snow coming down pretty hard. The second that would be full on sunshine. That day the weather was insane. I had a house full of kids and they didn't know what the heck to do.
Gotta love this town!!!!