Sunday, January 17, 2010

Oh Bother.

No photos to go with this post. We are down to one too few computers in my house, and my son had homework that took precedent. I can't download to the laptop I am using to write this, as it may just be older then me.
Let me start my saying that my heart goes out to Haiti in this time of need. I am hoping to get together with some people to do a bake sale to get donations to the Red Cross. 
I am overwhelmed, it would seem. Either that, or totally unmotivated. I have several things that I really need to post and get into my etsy shop. But I just can't seem to get it done. Call it the winter blahs, or possibly even a fear of failure. Whatever it is, I am trying to banish it to the wastelands.
I made the template for the valentines card that will be going out to little bits friends. I also have been working on a hodge-podge set of 10 cards. And book marks. And marketing. And packaging. And baking. And cleaning. Well, you can see how this is going. 
I also have been working on a mission statement of sorts. In my future, I would love to have a space to help people gain access to art. In a tangible, make it way. I want to provide studio space, and materials, within reason. I also want to provide the opportunity for people to sell their art on a very local level. I have been working on the business model for this for awhile now. Part of me is telling me it is getting closer to that time. We shall see. 
For now, peace.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New year, new ideas

The girls and I went out walking all over, taking in the sights and photographing everything we could. That included the weird little seed pods above.
I spent this first weekend of the new year in the studio making cards, finishing up projects and dreaming of the future garden. Below are two of the cards I finished.
I have some great news. There is a new scrapbook store not far from my house. I have had to schedule trips across town to even by plaind card stock. This will save lots of time, but probably not money.
And in the bad news dept., my car died. Her brakes went out and we decided that it was not worth the money to fix them this time. We will save up and get something more reliable. In the mean time, I will use this as my opportunity to get into shape.
Blessings in the new year