Thursday, December 12, 2013


I have been thinking a lot this week about actions, reactions and repercussion. From a positive point of view. 
I do believe that each and every one of our thoughts and actions places effect on the universe. As someone whose faith is Taoist/Buddhist I know that my thoughts create my reality and therefore have effect on my world. But I do not live in a vacuum and my reality will have an effect on every other person around me, and they on the people around them. The ripple effect. 
This can be a very good thing, (and of course a very bad thing, but let's focus on the good). If I make the effort to make as many of my thoughts and actions have a positive effect on the world around me... I can make the world better.
If I actively choose to do as little harm* as possible then I am actively striving to lessen suffering in the world.
All of these can be simple actions. A please and thank you, a smile, a gentle word. For me it is living a vegan life (actively choosing to bring no harm through what I eat to the best of my ability). It means finding a way to strengthen my community, through shopping locally, through my herbal practice, etc.
It does not mean living a life of false happiness. This is more about finding a sense of peace. That deep personal sense of peace. And sharing it. We can, and I am sure we will, talk later about how to find that peace.
For now, let me leave you with the thought"
"May today bring you what you need the most. And may it do so in the gentlest way possible"

*Harm means not just direct actions for me. I know that not only my actions but my words and thoughts  can actually hurt others. If , for instance, my thoughts are negative and my face reflects that, some one may hurt from that. It is a bigger and grander concept that may be addressed later. 

** I am not sure if you can tell, but there is a shift in focus here and there will be more posts like this.