Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This is so good,

that it has to be bad for you. But it isn't. I baked this devine banana bread using the Lower Fat Banana Bread recipe from the Veganomican. Check out some other yummies from them here. I love this stuff. The kids ate most of the loaf in under three hours. I think that if Brother knew it was vegan he would have a heart attack.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The weather has been very typical for here. Rainy, kinda warm, some wind. I love it. As long as I get a little sun every couple of days, I love the rain. If we ever move, we already plan to move some place with very similar weather.

Anywho, I made about half a doll today and screwed it up royally. It was a round one, but I ended up putting it's arms on screwy and one of the legs is not sewn in correctly. I can probably fix it, just not tonight.

There are two completed dolls ready to post to won't it be fun when my shop is up and running. Here is one of them.

Sorry about the pics. It was getting dark and there just isn't great light in this house.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Irony, or self-fulfilling prophecy?

I no sooner posted my blog on crazymakers, then there they were. Poking their heads up over the carefully built fence. Which makes me wonder if posting a blog didn't draw some ire. Oh well.

I helped my friend g33k with some of her passion today. Took some photos of her latest project. A fierce neck corset. The pics could have been better. But the project is amazing. Love hanging out with my supportive friends. We feed positive energy off each other. Weird...

Made some more dolls this weekend. Hope to have pics in the next couple of days. Lets see what happens. The weather here has been my favorite, rainy. But that is not the best light for photos.


Saturday, February 21, 2009


Last year or so, when I was trying to heal from several psychological and emotional injuries, I began reading a great book. I know that I have mentioned it in the past. The Artist Way by Julia Cameron. It spoke in clear tones and words about the things that can hold you back creatively, including listening to the negatives that we tell ourselves, not giving ourselves time, and not trusting.

But what spoke to me in that moment, in that place was the chapter on “crazymakers”. Her term seemed to clarify every thing that I was thinking and feeling, but that I was struggling to express. For me, it was the people who were engaging in toxic behaviors (or at least toxic to me behaviors) that were the biggest stumbling block in my moving forward with my life, and they had bee for quite sometime. We all have crazymakers, to varying degrees.

Well, this was brought right back to me this week. I had thought that I had either gotten rid of all of my crazymakers, or at least made it very clear that I was no longer able to allow those destructive behaviors to be a part of my life. I was getting really good at say “I am sorry, but this is not something I deal with”. But this week (and the week or two before) there has been a run of what can only be called “Look at me, Look at me, so I can tell you not to look at me” behavior. And then I remember what the book said. She talks about how crazymakers have a freakishly innate sense of when you are done with them. When you get to the point when you no longer need them or their drama. And your being done, and relatively healthy, they pop up and demand that you take them back. Because, your new reality, that healthier reality will either cut them out of your life, or force them to change their behavior. And sure enough, the last several weeks have been spent dealing with people who are only happy when others around them are in complete chaos.

So let's view this post as sort of declaration. I will no longer tolerate crazy destructive behavior that is targeted at me. I will expect that the people I deal with respect me, and respect my boundaries. My reality is just as valid and my time is just as important as anyon elses. I will not tolerate lies and half truths as they serve not purpose to the bigger picture (any ones bigger picture). I will happily support those around me who wish to deal honestly and with respect. But I will be through with those who cannot.
Blessings and peace in dealing with your crazymakers.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The woudja doll

This is the current evolution of the woudja doll. I don't think that by any means this is the las version. But in making this one, I solved several design problems I was having. I found that I can use interfacing to do alot of different functions.
By the end of the weekend I should have solved most of the problems and be fully ready to move into production.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Strawberry Mousse with not so much Moose in it.

Just a little Python reference for those clever enough.
On to the food. Tot left me a note on the white board the other day: make moose mommy. So, because she was so careful in her use of alliteration, I made her strawberry tofu mousse. It was easy, just a package of silken tofu, about 8 oz of strawberries and 3 tablespoons of agave. Blended up with a hand mixer. I didn't really measure anything. But she liked it and so did her sister. It was a little sweet for me, but I will make adjustments next time.

On a non-food related note, I am writing up a nice long post for this blog that is relevant to the topic matter I originally intended. That will get posted in a day or so. Just a warning, it is turning out to be quite the long entry.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Not Food

Well, today no food. Tomorrow is a different story. Today is a picture of my drama queen. She was waiting to go to a dance at a different school. She was going with a friend, but I think she was a little nervous, thinking that she didn't know any one there. Turns out she had tons of friends there. That is the thing about theater. You meet people from all over. As you can see, Sissy is very in to Phantom of the Opera right now.

I have a page sitting waiting for the embellishments to dry. I didn't like anything that I had laying around and am too lazy to run out to the store (not to mention we are all sick here). Here are some interesting pics of the drying stage. The crocheted flower was done by my mother-in-law. I love them and horde them when she makes them for me. Sure, you can buy them at the store. But I am going for this whole less consumery thing. And it is working out just fine (except for books).


Monday, February 16, 2009

I swear this is not a food blog

It is supposed to be something else entirely. However, when you have been cooking all of the wonderful food that we have been having around here, you just have to post pictures.
These delightful and very yummy cupcakes were from Vegan Cupcakes Take over the World, as is the chocolate Ganache. I whipped them up for a study group Sister was having today.
Here they are "bald".


What an interesting morning

I came home from work early this morning, feeling pretty dizzy and "spinny". I might have a sinus infection. That said, I came home from work feeling pretty terrible. So inamagine my suprise to get the message from my hubby that a photo I took was on
I was pretty proud of that photo when I took it. And by the way, it tasted just as good as it looked! Check out the recipe at my hubby's blog.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Carob Covered Strawberries

Just as lovely as chocolate covered strawberries... but better! I have never really understood the hate for carob. I agree that it isn't quite as tasty "raw". But I love baking with it. I find that it has a richer flavor.


Your depseration is showing. You might want to look to that.
That seems to be the most common thing I see during the week. My hand on the steering wheel of my car. I took this pic, fell in love with it, and am using it for an avatar on some of the sites that I am on.

At this very moment I have food in the oven that will be used to make other food for this weekend. So I thought that I would take just a moment to post. This week was spent dealing with business things. And other stuff. Lots of reading. I have at least three books that I am reading now. There has to be a twelve step program for me. I just bought three more books at St. Vinnie's.

I think that there may be a flurry of posting for me this weekend. I am baking lots of yummies for the weekend. We also have some fun planned. Plus, I got
tagged for several lists. Those require some planning for me. I just can't seem to do them without pictures.

So for now, Peace.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Very long day

I did something very unusual for me. I actually got up early. I relish the moments in-between snooze button slammings. I doze in and out, have strange little mini-dreams that frequently have guests-stars in them that are actual stars ( I spent two weeks with guest appearances by David Hewlett). Sometimes, I listen to the morning sounds.
But this morning, my alarm went off, and I got out of bed. I spent the time that would have been wasted, trying to get thirty more minutes of sleep meditating. Much better for my mental health, than that thirty minutes, I am sure.
There are many commitments that I am trying to keep up with. And perhaps it is better to spend time finding that truly still place, than trying to do yet one more thing. Sure, I am tired right now. That is typical for me. Perhaps after a week or so of adjustment to doing what my soul needs instead of what I think everyone else needs, I will find that I a full of energy to give back.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Just some yummies

I joined The Post Punk Kitchen forums yesterday. If you are thinking about becoming vegitarian or vegan, this is an amazing resource. I use a great deal of the baking recipies from their books: the Veginomicon and Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World.
Yesterday I made vegan biscotti. But, I just can't let a recipe alone and I changed it up a bit. I added cranberries and slathered them in melted carob chips. I have spoken to several people who have said that until they tried mine, they hated biscotti.
Then I made peppermint patties. Turns out some of the ones that you buy have gelatin. That is a bad thing for a vegetarian. Standard rule here is that, if the animal has to die, we don't eat it. So, Hubby found a recipe that is better than the store bought ones.

Truly, yummies going on in my house. Eat now, art later.