Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Not Food

Well, today no food. Tomorrow is a different story. Today is a picture of my drama queen. She was waiting to go to a dance at a different school. She was going with a friend, but I think she was a little nervous, thinking that she didn't know any one there. Turns out she had tons of friends there. That is the thing about theater. You meet people from all over. As you can see, Sissy is very in to Phantom of the Opera right now.

I have a page sitting waiting for the embellishments to dry. I didn't like anything that I had laying around and am too lazy to run out to the store (not to mention we are all sick here). Here are some interesting pics of the drying stage. The crocheted flower was done by my mother-in-law. I love them and horde them when she makes them for me. Sure, you can buy them at the store. But I am going for this whole less consumery thing. And it is working out just fine (except for books).


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