Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Very, Very Far Behind.

So while I catch up, please enjoy a pretty picture. I am busy writing up some recipes that I played with. And I have a horrible back log of stuff... just stuff. Several dolls and brooches. So, like I said, while I catch up, please enjoy this lovely photo.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Vacation is in the details.

And here are some of the best. It has been a tiring (and trying) time thus far. But I did manage to get some work done.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fire and Zombies

A while ago, a friend sent me a button that said "Why do all my vacations end in fire and zombies." I am pretty certain that vacations are meant just to test us and have us question all that we are and where we come from.

That said, I have some pretty awesome pictures of random things from around Washington state.

Yesterday was my 15th wedding anniversary. We had been planning a big weekend away, and in talking about it came up with a plan. We are looking into renewing our vows at Voodoo Doughnuts. I know that I have written about them before. Turns out that I can do an intentional ceremony for very little money. I think that is a great plan. And the after, doughnuts for everyone!
More later!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Life is interesting. And it certainly has interesting ways of testing us. The beautiful thing for me is, I was shown through connections and disconnections that the path I am on is the path for me. I was introduced to an amazing artist {Matjames Metson} at a time when the voices of negativity were trying to shout over all the work I have done.
We sometimes listen to the negative, because the positive can be scary. It can mean moving forward and away from the safety of the now. But for over a year I have only listened to the now and that has led me to a beautiful time of creativity and purpose and honesty. And I think I laugh more now then I did before.
It is also always necessary to be true to our feelings. To state them and be clear that they are worthy of being heard. Negative does not like that. Even the negative in your own heart. Negative only wants what it wants, not what others want.
This was beautifully reinforced to me this week. And I did not waver from the course my life has set for me. Instead I stood up to the bullies of my past and walk away feeling both empowered and peaceful. The confrontation (such as it was) did not leave me questioning, as it would have before.
Now, I just need a staple gun, 27 yardsticks, 2 yards of canvas, and time to do a large peace.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

August 2nd 2009

I want to start with a stunning photo of basil. This was taken by my oldest daughter.

I also want to share my jar of dirt! I am a firm believer in the work of the hands, and breaking bricks is a powerful healer. I use the dust for art and crafts. My hubby joined in and we even got the girls involved. Work with a rhythm is soothing and therapeutic. And in the end you get something you can use.

After the move we found that there was much better energy in the new house. And we really want to keep it that way. And by working with our hands and redoing the yard, growing much of our own veggies, etc, etc., we will.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The best days are random

The above photo is of one of the cats in the backyard. The new yard has this lovely semi-circle of bricks that will make the prefect alter space. Padme seems to think that the alter will be to her. She spent all day there and only moved when we decided to water.

Speaking of watering... we learned that most veggies will survive a move if you water them enough. We have or will have a pretty great crop of tomatoes, and even cabbage and squash in the not too distance future.

I did spend most of the day with my fingers covered in glue. How can that not be a great thing? I am in the midst of finishing up an order of Christmas cards (yep, it really is that time). I am on the last few that need to be finished. I just thought I would share.
Come September I will be using the cards to finance the larger pieces that I have in the wings. That is the plan anyway. At the very least the cards will be financing themselves and that is good enough.