Sunday, October 28, 2012

My new passion

I adore making banners. I love making them out of paper, out of fabric, out of whatever I can get my hands on. They are surprisingly simple. 

For the banner pictured above, I just cut out the triangles in the prints and matching triangles in white cotton. I wanted it to be a bit heavier so it would hang the way I wanted. Then I stitched them. I made my own binding, with the ribbon. Love the look. Matches my kitchen just perfectly!

In other news, look here for big news in a week or so. Really big. Really awesome!

Also, I am taking over some of the admin responsibility for my husbands blog . 
 That means that his blog will be getting regular updates again for the first time in a year. It also means this blog will be too! Time to get excited, we are ready to make our dreams reality.