Thursday, July 25, 2013

Just letting you know I am still alive. But might be moving the blog to my own website. I have one constructed, and almost complete. And boy wouldn't I love to have a shopping cart so I can sell directly from. 

Check out I have some great new things in the shop. Like a meditation oil that promotes self love and acceptance. Some dream pillows that go along with the oil as well. 

And I am all set up for consultations. So email me at 
Also... there is a facebook page.  Go like it.

I am in a place to make UrbanTao my full time business. And knowing that that is the path I am taking... there will be a shift in what this blog does. It will still be where I share what I am doing. But I think there will be some articles that I am writing. It may end up that the blog  becomes a catch all for the rapid running my brain will be doing in the next few months. 

Life is really good. The room in the garage is almost done, there is a line of stuff ready to go, and things are starting to calm down.