Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Feminis alert.

I know that it doesn't seem like I am much of a feminist. But, oh boy howdy, I am. Some have called me a radical feminist and I am okay with that.
It comes from having been surrounded by strong women, watching some of them survive abusive relationships. It comes from being in an abusive friendship or two. It comes from watching on of my best friends destroyed by emotional abuse he simply wasn't strong enough to walk away from. It comes from seeing an acquaintance black and blue because she couldn't give her abuser what he wanted after her surgery.
So today, I start volunteering at with an action group to help strengthen access to health care for women (ALL HEALTH CARE). Today, I wrote letters to politicians asking why they behaved the way they did, against women.
And today I share a blog link with you. I hope you will read it. The author speaks of what happens when women have an emotional response. The shutting down, the quieting of our voices. It is a very good read. It gave me a better understanding of why I felt insignificant when my abusive friend would belittle me in front of others. I was crazy, or overreacting because "it is just a joke".
I know I will be making sure I don't say things like that to others. I know when others tell me I am over-reacting I will respond with "NO I am just reacting." My feelings, my words matter. And so do yours.