Monday, June 16, 2008

Where to even start

This is a picture of my birthday present. I had my hands done by a great friend of mine. She is one of the most amazing artists I know.
I have been very busy making the mental shift from being a stay at home mom, to being a working mom. The job itself is fine, At least, I am sure things are going well. And it is truly refreshing working with a group of women who have no expectation, save that you do the job you were hired to do.

The kids are getting ready to get of school for the summer. I will be working mornings and Brother will watch the girls. I think that this will free up the afternoons to have some summer fun. But I still don't have an actual plan. No, that is not entirely true. I bought a book that is all about walking tours around town. And some of them look amazingly fun.

Sissy got a part in a local play. She will be a munchkin in the "Wizard of Oz" that is being doen by the big theater group here in town. She had had a part as a pick pocket in the schools production of "Oliver". Then she decided that she loves theater. So she found out about an audition. And it was a real audition. She needed a head shot and a monologue and a musical piece. She got the part she auditioned for.

Things will be busy and exciting this summer. This is a summer of a child moving to high school and one to middle school. My little one will turn 8 and that has been when the big two seemed to grow right up.

I am still creating. And in fact, have struggled to create at least something small every day. I still am not making a dime off my work. But, I have started to get compliments on my work. And for me that is a very big deal. In the past, I have been surrounded by those who will gladly tear down my work to make themselves feel better (not my family, but friends and ex-friends). I am realizing that it is okay to tell those people to be quiet.

This has truned out to be a bit longer than I thought. So I will end here.