Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 Random Things

I was going to do this all fancy and stuff, but then I changed my mind sot that it is just 25 random things about me.
1) I have over something like 235 bangles and or bracelets, mostly bangles. I used to wear them every day, but not so much now

2) I loath carrots.
3)I am a sucker for an old black and white movie. I will almost always stop what I am doing and watch on for a bit if it is on t.v.
4) You know how some people hate clowns? They don't bother me. But zombies Holy crap, they freak me out!

5) I love color. Any color. When I own my own home, there will not be two walls the same color. Really

6) I have only ever spent 8 years of my life without a cat in my house.
7) The summer that I was 9 (maybe 10) I read over 65 books.
8) I hate liars far more then I hate zombies.
9) I will, and have, eaten a large (really large) bowl of fresh raspberries all by myself. And, no, I will not share.
10) My children make me laugh every day.
11) I cannot wait to turn 40!
12) I managed to get through a liberal arts degree and never took a math class. Now I do math everyday (sometimes twice!)

13) I am writing a novel. Sometimes.
14) I (not so ) secretly wish I was an alchemist
15) I keep old school roller skates in my trunk at all times. Just in case.

16) I love crawling into bed after a long day. Some how most of the stress just seems to melt into the cold sheets.
17) I hate snow. And I am frustrated that I didn't move far enough south to avoid it.
18) Turns out I am a city girl. I am more comfortable with the traffic and the people and the opportunities. I am nervous in small towns.

19) My hands and feet are almost always cold.

20) But I frequently am too hot.

21) I love coffee, but not the fancy stuff. Simple, well brewed from home makes me happier than it should. I love the smell of coffee first thing in the morning.
22) I have a list of names...
23) I sometimes watch my favorite movie, just so I will cry.
24) I adore rain. I really do. The smell, the sound. Every thing.
25) I really do think that 42 is the answer to life, the universe and everything

Monday, January 26, 2009

Heavily metal Man

Been pretty dedicated to getting things done. Re-doing the majority of the house has been on my list for awhile now. And I think I may be inspired enough to tackle it. Plus, I just feel clear. There has been drama to be sure, but it no longer drags me into it. Drama is a fog, that others use to keep us unfocused, unclear and unhappy. When you cut out the drama you clear away the fog. I am learning that a wall doesn't block out the sun, it keeps the wolves at bay. And, it feels amazing. Powerful. More so every day. Every fanning away of that fog. Every brick I place. Just amazing. I keep telling my dear friend J that it is kinda fun to watch the drama, provided it stays on the other side of the wall and we just watch it go on by. And it is even better when we have popcorn!

Now onto the title of the blog. ..
Not really, but I did take some fun pics of a buckle and snaps I am using for a page for my friend Rachel. She spent a great deal of time working on her fabulous Halloween costume last year. I wanted to honor that and always remember it. The costume was fabulous and more fun then it should have been. She got some wonderful "Oh what the heck is that." Which is exactly what that holiday is all about. Pushing those boundaries, making people think. It's what I strive for every day!

The buckles and snaps only seem appropriate to the post--- something look that the costume is. Rachel works with vinyl and rubber and latex. She does some amazing work and has some intense ideas.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The stars are aligning

Or at the very least, it would appear that some things are working as they were meant too. Cryptic, of course, what else would you expect from me?

But in all honesty, with the Chinese New Year approaching I have a blissful feeling of renewal and moving forward. There is closure where there needs to be closure and ... maybe justice (though that might not be the word I am looking for). This weekend I have watch dear friends move closer to their goals. I have been able to connect with family and other friends (thank you Facebook). I have cleansed my life of "crazymakers", people who are only happy when I am not.

So, moving into the new year, I am both content and energized about the future.
Happy Year of the OX

Green Tea you can Eat

Something a little different today. Last night my dear friends came over for dinner and some work on astrology charts. I have to say, I learned a lot. We printed up charts for all of my family and I will be spending the evening (after folding laundry of course) learning more.

Tuesday is Rachel's birthday. Knowing this, we had to have little mini cakes for after dinner. Plus I had been dying to try out the recipe from my "Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World" for Green Tea Cupcakes. Easiest thing in the world to make. Divinely Delicious and, I argue, good for you because they are vegan. I used finely chopped candied ginger on the top, rather then the pretty little flowers. But the ginger added a wonderful little bite.

So I am off to spend the rest of my night folding laundry and looking at star charts. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday night.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Oh no ... it's the angry book again

The angry book came out this week. Not because I was particularly angry, but because, I have had a series of strange dreams that have heightened a sense of emotional stress. The angry book came out because I boundaries (real and/ or imagined) were crossed and I really didn't know how else to deal with that.

I felt as though the hard work I have done to protect myself was for nothing.
I have spent two or three week really into working again. And guarding the time I spent working. To the point that even house work has slipped a bit. And if you know me, you know that that is a big deal, especially after the cleansings that I had to do last year to dispel the negative energy that had been in my house.

But what I need to remember is that these trails, such as they are, are what build me and create me. Coming through the trails, rebuilding my walls,cleansing the filth, those are the rituals that give me strength.

I was able to funnel some of that frustration into another page for the angry book. Maybe the key to a healthy me is an angry page a week.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

So much...

I have been having a tough week this week. Some emotional dramas have been playing out in some interesting ways that were very unexpected.

On the the other stuff. I was brain storming a while back trying to determine how to get a hold of a cheap canvas that would require a lot of work to clean up. It is easy enough to find used canvases that you need to spend a great deal of time and effort to make usable. But finding anything that just needs a coat of gesso or paint is next to impossible. Especially if you are trying to keep to a recycling theme. One of my resolutions is to reuse as much as I can that others through away. I have an affinity for thrown away things.

Anyway I was, brainstorming and I realized that all I needed was something to keep the canvas tight and taut. Well, an embroidery hoop does that. And it does it quite well. So what if I used embroidery hoops as my frames? Turns out it works just fine. It enabled me to continue to tighten the fabric ( I used fabric and not canvas because I was out of canvas at the time, still am actually) as I needed. It also allowed me to take the fabric off the frame to make other adjustments as needed.

The result is something that is a departure from my usual style. It hearkens back to a simpler time when recycling was the norm, reusing was done all the time. And is in line with what is my new focus.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just two quick pictures

Just some of my new stuff.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Still working

I had some wonderful opportunities to make some cards in the last month. And some of those cards have changed my ideas of my style.
The first is a card I made for a friend of Sissy's . E has got her own style and it is a clear style. i tried to capture that is a card for her birthday. I think that I did very well.

The second was a tag I made for a gift exchange. It was created for a gardener and my hope was that it would do dual duty as a book mark of sorts.

And the last is a set of cards that I whipped out in under a half an hour to ensure that I was staying creative. I am having fun with the idea of creating non-traditional sets of cards for gifts. I really like the idea of a "card" that is a tag.