Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 Random Things

I was going to do this all fancy and stuff, but then I changed my mind sot that it is just 25 random things about me.
1) I have over something like 235 bangles and or bracelets, mostly bangles. I used to wear them every day, but not so much now

2) I loath carrots.
3)I am a sucker for an old black and white movie. I will almost always stop what I am doing and watch on for a bit if it is on t.v.
4) You know how some people hate clowns? They don't bother me. But zombies Holy crap, they freak me out!

5) I love color. Any color. When I own my own home, there will not be two walls the same color. Really

6) I have only ever spent 8 years of my life without a cat in my house.
7) The summer that I was 9 (maybe 10) I read over 65 books.
8) I hate liars far more then I hate zombies.
9) I will, and have, eaten a large (really large) bowl of fresh raspberries all by myself. And, no, I will not share.
10) My children make me laugh every day.
11) I cannot wait to turn 40!
12) I managed to get through a liberal arts degree and never took a math class. Now I do math everyday (sometimes twice!)

13) I am writing a novel. Sometimes.
14) I (not so ) secretly wish I was an alchemist
15) I keep old school roller skates in my trunk at all times. Just in case.

16) I love crawling into bed after a long day. Some how most of the stress just seems to melt into the cold sheets.
17) I hate snow. And I am frustrated that I didn't move far enough south to avoid it.
18) Turns out I am a city girl. I am more comfortable with the traffic and the people and the opportunities. I am nervous in small towns.

19) My hands and feet are almost always cold.

20) But I frequently am too hot.

21) I love coffee, but not the fancy stuff. Simple, well brewed from home makes me happier than it should. I love the smell of coffee first thing in the morning.
22) I have a list of names...
23) I sometimes watch my favorite movie, just so I will cry.
24) I adore rain. I really do. The smell, the sound. Every thing.
25) I really do think that 42 is the answer to life, the universe and everything


Matt said...

You don't like carrots?
. . . Really?

k's mumbo jumbo said...

I think that carrots and zombies are the real tools of the devil!