Monday, January 26, 2009

Heavily metal Man

Been pretty dedicated to getting things done. Re-doing the majority of the house has been on my list for awhile now. And I think I may be inspired enough to tackle it. Plus, I just feel clear. There has been drama to be sure, but it no longer drags me into it. Drama is a fog, that others use to keep us unfocused, unclear and unhappy. When you cut out the drama you clear away the fog. I am learning that a wall doesn't block out the sun, it keeps the wolves at bay. And, it feels amazing. Powerful. More so every day. Every fanning away of that fog. Every brick I place. Just amazing. I keep telling my dear friend J that it is kinda fun to watch the drama, provided it stays on the other side of the wall and we just watch it go on by. And it is even better when we have popcorn!

Now onto the title of the blog. ..
Not really, but I did take some fun pics of a buckle and snaps I am using for a page for my friend Rachel. She spent a great deal of time working on her fabulous Halloween costume last year. I wanted to honor that and always remember it. The costume was fabulous and more fun then it should have been. She got some wonderful "Oh what the heck is that." Which is exactly what that holiday is all about. Pushing those boundaries, making people think. It's what I strive for every day!

The buckles and snaps only seem appropriate to the post--- something look that the costume is. Rachel works with vinyl and rubber and latex. She does some amazing work and has some intense ideas.

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