Saturday, August 1, 2009

The best days are random

The above photo is of one of the cats in the backyard. The new yard has this lovely semi-circle of bricks that will make the prefect alter space. Padme seems to think that the alter will be to her. She spent all day there and only moved when we decided to water.

Speaking of watering... we learned that most veggies will survive a move if you water them enough. We have or will have a pretty great crop of tomatoes, and even cabbage and squash in the not too distance future.

I did spend most of the day with my fingers covered in glue. How can that not be a great thing? I am in the midst of finishing up an order of Christmas cards (yep, it really is that time). I am on the last few that need to be finished. I just thought I would share.
Come September I will be using the cards to finance the larger pieces that I have in the wings. That is the plan anyway. At the very least the cards will be financing themselves and that is good enough.

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