Friday, July 31, 2009

Shop Update and some other ramblings

A couple of notes for you all.
I put the etsy shop into vacation mode. This is to help facilitate the rebirth of the shop. I have been wanting to do a revamp for quite a while and with all of the other new things coming into my world I thought that now was as good a time as any. The time line is set to be back live the first of September.
I was gifted last week with a reading from a dear friend. This reading helped put things into a different perspective and enabled (how I hate that word) me to see some things freshly. I have been able to redefine what I do, and through that who I am, or who I wish to become. I will be using the time that the shop is offline to bring it into alignment with that new focus.
I was reminded of my long term goals and dreams. I was reminded of who I am at the core. Naturally, the new perspective has brought up old issues. Change can be a challenge, doing the right thing is never easy. I will be challenged further, I know. The path I have chosen is not one that many people understand. It will leave me open to criticism and probably anger. It will be hard, but I will stay my course.
To this end, I have started working on small steps to reach the redefined goal. Writing more, doing readings, and embracing. A very key thing for me is DOING. Throwing myself into the actions that will take me to my goal.
So, come September, look for a slightly new etsy shop, and some really interesting new pieces in the shop.

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