Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Very long day

I did something very unusual for me. I actually got up early. I relish the moments in-between snooze button slammings. I doze in and out, have strange little mini-dreams that frequently have guests-stars in them that are actual stars ( I spent two weeks with guest appearances by David Hewlett). Sometimes, I listen to the morning sounds.
But this morning, my alarm went off, and I got out of bed. I spent the time that would have been wasted, trying to get thirty more minutes of sleep meditating. Much better for my mental health, than that thirty minutes, I am sure.
There are many commitments that I am trying to keep up with. And perhaps it is better to spend time finding that truly still place, than trying to do yet one more thing. Sure, I am tired right now. That is typical for me. Perhaps after a week or so of adjustment to doing what my soul needs instead of what I think everyone else needs, I will find that I a full of energy to give back.

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