Friday, February 13, 2009

That seems to be the most common thing I see during the week. My hand on the steering wheel of my car. I took this pic, fell in love with it, and am using it for an avatar on some of the sites that I am on.

At this very moment I have food in the oven that will be used to make other food for this weekend. So I thought that I would take just a moment to post. This week was spent dealing with business things. And other stuff. Lots of reading. I have at least three books that I am reading now. There has to be a twelve step program for me. I just bought three more books at St. Vinnie's.

I think that there may be a flurry of posting for me this weekend. I am baking lots of yummies for the weekend. We also have some fun planned. Plus, I got
tagged for several lists. Those require some planning for me. I just can't seem to do them without pictures.

So for now, Peace.

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