Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My real job has been busy

That I really haven't had time to keep up with much. Over the weekend we went to Portland with the kids and spent a wonderful day wandering around. I wanted to go to Vodoo Donuts, but by the time we got there Tot was far to tired to wait in line.But we went to Powells. I love Portland. There is always something that I see that sparks my creativity. Something that I want to find a way to either recreate in a different form or use as a springboard for something else.

I came home refreshed and ready to dive into whatever the week has for me. We have a big conference coming up next week and those are always busy, busy, busy.

I hope to have several new things to post soon. I am working on some prototype doll's.A cat, an elephant and some geometric shapes. And tags to go with them. Can't do anything half way.

G33K came over last night and we bellydanced. And today, I hurt. Much stretching to be done.
Peace for now. Something that makes more sense later.

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