Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Saturday, $22, and 45 minutes

This is a project that I have been stewing about for a while. Today I just did it.
This wall is 8 feet 6 inches across. It is in the entry hall of my house. And it was poorly used for the whole time we have lived here. The hall itself is very narrow and on the wall opposite there is my hall table. 

I picked up two packages of curtain clips, the ones on the rings that look like alligator clips, three dowls 4 feet long, and a package of mug hugs, like you would screw into your kitchen cabinets. Nothing had to be too heavy duty, as all it is intended to do is hold paper and small canvases. I will need another package of clips. The two I bought only had a total of 14 clips. And the doweling will be getting painted when the weather is nicer. Everything is in pewter.

The hardest part was making sure every thing was level. And you don't need any tools aside from a measuring tape and a level is handy. A few twists of the wrist and I have what you see below. A wall full of my scrap pages that can change on a whim. All on the cheap and all looking good.

Next up... a light box solution, I hope.

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