Monday, February 14, 2011

So much to post...

Oh, let's see... I made three scrappages, and a couple of cards this weekend. We tore up the ivy that made me crazy all of last year. Hoping to put in berries there at some point this spring. We bought supplies for the greenhouse and cleaned up the work area. In writing it appears to be a much more productive weekend than it felt. I wanted to play with making candies. Instead, I played with glitter. Which is just fine with me.
This page is just simple, simple, simple. Left over rick-rack and hem tape (can you have too much of either in your stash?), some of my awesome buttons and ancient letters from a tacky letter pack. I am enjoying the self-imposed challenge of using all my old stuff. For me, it has pushed me into a place that is more in tune with how I live the rest of my life. I make due with what I have, and I recycle and reuse as much as possible. But in scrapping, I find myself buying even when I don't need too. By not allowing purchases, I am forcing myself to use things that have sat in drawers for years (not even kidding). The results are simple, timeless, and very me. Feels very good!

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