Thursday, September 19, 2013

September 19th, 2013

I am working on my first big art for me project in a long while. I am making an altered book that will be stuffed with mantras and healing art. 

Really, I just made that decision as I was typing this. I have been wanting to make an altered book for quite sometime now. But launching what is essentially two businesses and renovating a house has left no time for art. The last two weeks, though, they were hard.

Things have stalled a bit. And while I am making loads of contacts, I am still not making money (which has to be a part of the process. {More on money as nourishment in a bit}). I am, or was, giving quite a bit of assistance to others and not filling my well. 

I had spent days and days making things for the sales, being on the phone supporting someone I love through a horrid time, and doing all the regular things on my schedule. I was able to crank out a ton of tea for one of the sales...and sold 1. (There is tea in the etsy shop..)

It was a disheartening month. (Fret not, I am down a bit, but never out). It is a reality of the capitalistic world we live in that I need money to make this work. I need funds for supplies, I need funds for space. And I need funds to pay my personal bills. 

And this is where the idea of money for nourishment comes in. I need money to make the things happen that will nourish my spirit to continue my work. At some point in the future, I believe that the business will become self supporting. But for now... there is a balance I am trying to strike. The money gives me space to do this. It nourishes my spirit, in a sense, by giving me the ability to move through to the next phase. This will be an idea that we explore more at a later date, I think. 

Now, onto the art bit... like I said, I have wanted to make an altered book for a long time. I just never took the plunge. Now is the time. I found a book that liked the shape of. And have been working on the base.

I realized that if I have something that is physical to show some of the things I can do, that it might be the breakthrough that I need. The vision is there and there will be a ton of photos as I go. Mantras, scribbles, labyrinths, and I hope, movement.

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