Monday, September 15, 2008

Some catching up to do

First, at the beginning of last week I told you about my little nephew. That picture at the top of this entry, that is him. He is wonderful, completely darling. And while we don't have a complete diagnosis, I will just tell you that he is going to be fine. The diagnosis that his parents have now is much better then we thought. Baby Micah will grow big and strong and will have the faily tradition of pudgy little legs!

We spent the weekend in Washington state. We attended Matt's Grandfather's funeral. And while it was certainly a sad time, it was also a time of connecting and bringing together. Grandpa was ready to be with Grandma. And I know that they are happy together.

Matt's mom had been going through Grandpa's stuff for a while now. She had been setting aside things that she knew a specific family member would be interested in. She had a little box for me. It is a pretty box, but what on earth could be inside?

Grandma Lloydenes wax seal set. Complete with her signature pink, and a rose seal. I didn't have a chance to get to know Grandma. I think I only met her a couple of times. But I remember the pink.

I will be sharing more bits and pieces as time goes on.
Be Well

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