Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday already?

Well, my, my, how did it get to be Friday already? Certainly not because I have been particularly productive. On the other hand, I did go out to lunch with an awesome lady (who needs to remember just how awesome she really is!), and thanks to her and some other great people in my life, I am finding my laugh again.
This next week Sissy is having her twelve birthday party. The opening pic and the pic above are of her invitations. She picked the paper, I did the rest. The snowflake brads were a nice solution to the attachment problem. And since I don't do a lot of snow pages here in the rainy land, I got to use a product that otherwise would have just sat there.

I started a different project. I have been collecting bottle caps from various beer bottles for quite awhile now. Not that I have a lot, because no one in this house really drinks beer. But, it has come time to use them. I toyed with the idea of something on canvas. But the more I shuffled them around the less I liked the idea. Then I found this plain black frame with no glass or back. From there it was a no brainer for me. The following picture is the result.

Nothing is firmly attached, because I cannot find my stapler, which is how I will be attaching the wire.I love it and may not part with it. Or I might make a bunch. Which means I need to start drinking more beer!

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