Sunday, October 26, 2008

October 20 something?????

Today I took Little Bit to see High School Musical 3 at the theater. It was a thankflully quiet showing. Very few children. But the show was cute and Little Bit was thrilled to see it. What team? WILDCATS!

I have done very liitle work on my projects this week. I got wrapped up in a novel, which is very unlike me. Additionally, I have been cleaning like a crazy woman. Organizing, tossing, turning... you name it. I rearranged my livingroom. I gutted my desk ( and then promptly covered it up again with future projects). I am going to do a giant free for all through craigslist in the very neat future and would like to make sure I am getting rid of as much of my stuff as I can now.

All that being said, I have gotten some writing done. What I realized is that I tend to write in the fall. Anyway, I am writing again. I went so far as to run away on Friday and write at a local coffe place. Pretensious I know. But I wrote about half of an article that I will be finishing this next week.

So there you go, A whole lot of words (K said words!) to tell you that I am not truly getting anything done.


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