Sunday, October 26, 2008

October 20 something?????

Today I took Little Bit to see High School Musical 3 at the theater. It was a thankflully quiet showing. Very few children. But the show was cute and Little Bit was thrilled to see it. What team? WILDCATS!

I have done very liitle work on my projects this week. I got wrapped up in a novel, which is very unlike me. Additionally, I have been cleaning like a crazy woman. Organizing, tossing, turning... you name it. I rearranged my livingroom. I gutted my desk ( and then promptly covered it up again with future projects). I am going to do a giant free for all through craigslist in the very neat future and would like to make sure I am getting rid of as much of my stuff as I can now.

All that being said, I have gotten some writing done. What I realized is that I tend to write in the fall. Anyway, I am writing again. I went so far as to run away on Friday and write at a local coffe place. Pretensious I know. But I wrote about half of an article that I will be finishing this next week.

So there you go, A whole lot of words (K said words!) to tell you that I am not truly getting anything done.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Another wasted weekend

Before I get into what I want to talk about today, I would like to wish my friend Dave a very happy birthday. The above photo is the result of placing many, many candles on a cupcake. I made vegan cupcakes with vegan frosting and not a one of them came home. Anyway, Happy Birthday, Dave!

I have a tendancy to get very emotionally wrapped up in things that I don't need to. That has happened with my work. And because of that I realized that I was losing me. I think that being the gemini that I am I tend to waffle. I will go from very focused and knowing exactly what I want, and then the very next day I am lost.

I did lose my way just a bit. But I realized much more quickly this time how to get back on track. Months ago I found a book in the library that changed the way I see the world. The Artist's Way had put into words what I had been vaguely trying to express. This book insists that you write three pages long hand every morning. That act will focus you. And you then vent all your anger and bile in the mornign. I had thought that writing morning pages would create a situation in which I then held on to all the anger that I put on the pages. But instead it seems that the pages trap the anger. And it no longer is a part of the focus of my day. I am able to move on.

I have found it hard to stick to all of the things in the book. But the exercises truly help me understand me from an artists point of view. Undersand what holds me back and what my inner deeper goals are. I understand more of why I am doing the self defeating things I am doing.

I did morning pages and I was able to work this afternoon. See below for the fruits of my efforts.

The card is for a little one that is yet to be born. Although I do believe he is late. So, little Erick, when you get here that card is for you!

Blessings and peace!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Oct 8th 2008

I wish I could think of a terribly clever title. But, frankly, I have been so busy that a part of brain might have died.

I have been working on collaborations with my husband and a friend. Our biggest project is the word project. I am finding it more challenging than I thought. I am not thinking outside the box as much as I had thought.

There has been a lot of emotion in the house lately. And I know that in my case, emotion can wind up taking a negative control of my creativity. Also, emotion seems to have a way of bringing into question all those things you suppress. SO I am finding myself wondering which path to take.

But I still try to create every day. And I did do a huge amount of prep work for the picture blog.
I keep plugging away.