Monday, June 1, 2009

Have a Voodoo Doll

Some friends of mine are vacationing in New Orleans this summer. I am jealous, just a little bit. And when I think of New Orleans I think of three things, vampires, graveyards, and voodoo. I have been promised lots of graveyard pictures! And as long as the vampires don't sparkle I am happy.

But, the closest I can get to a voodoo doll is the original voodoo doughnut from Voodoo Doughnuts! I love this place. My aunt live very close to them and brought us some for my birthday last month. The pretzel stake through this ones heart was soggy, so we could only do minimal damage that way. However, I thought that eating it's head was pretty much the same thing as a stake through the heart of... whatever, it was chocolaty goodness!


mangocheeks said...

These make me smile! So appropriate for the season I think.

I am going to add you to my blog reading list, under Crafts. Hope you don't mind.

k's mumbo jumbo said...

Thank you.
I would love if you listed me.
I have been enjoying your blog too!

mangocheeks said...

Your are so welcome and I am honoured too.