Monday, June 15, 2009

I was doing so well,

And then I just wore out. The end of the school year does that to me. We try to squeeze too much into too small a time frame.

I haven't been doing a lot other than reading. Lots of new books since my birthday. I have made a few cards, but have not done much more than that. Sometimes the down time is critical for recharging the batteries.

The in-laws are visiting this week. Naturally, this means lots of good, vegan food. Everyday, really means lots of good vegan food. Cooking is my husbands hobby (go HERE for some awesome recipes). When company comes, though we up the ante. In our fridge right now are chick pea burgers, Moroccan soup, and seitain. This week we are feeding omnivore folk stromboli.

I have no idea what to bake for them. The girls are voting for lavender cupcakes. But I was hoping for inspiration for something new. So any ideas are welcome.

The picture in this post is from my friend who owns Need something custom, ask her. Her work is amazing!

That is all for now.

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