Wednesday, October 7, 2009

OH I suppose I should blog

But I just haven't been doing much in the studio. A few fiddly little things here and there. Really I just mosty have been reading and helping with homework and things like that.
While looking for a picture for Vyapti for his blog (it is Vegan MOFO after all!) I found an old pic from this past summers vacation. I took some interesting shots. This is one of my favorites and now I am excited to try to turn it into a painting or sketch or something.
Perhaps part of the trouble has been that i have not been taking pictures like I should be. I used to take pictures all the time, usually ten to twenty a day, at least three days a week. That is a lot of photos. I haven't been doing that for awhile. Funny how drama will suck that out of you.
And I don't think we take into consideration how the changing of the seasons can affect us as artists either. I tend to want to write more in the fall, and sew more in the summer.

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