Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Setting aside

What I learned today is sometimes when you put a project away you are not done. I know that sentence is confusing. But I will explain. I worked this past weekend on a piece that was out of the norm for me. It was a pastel and I am still learning to work with them and to be comfortable with them.

I thought that i was done with it, but after setting it aside for a few days I realized that I had approached it all wrong. That meant starting over. Which I did today. Why is this even worthy of a blog post? Because I also learned today that things like that don't just happen in art. They happen in relationships as well.

I have a relationship that I believed was dealt with.I had firmly put it away. What I learned this morning was I had been approaching the problem all wrong.I had been approaching the problem as a problem. Not as an opportunity to think outside the box. Or an opportunity to help others.

I hope that I can look at more parts of my life and ask "Am I seeing this in the way that it should be seen?" A shift in perspective often brings the solutions to situations that you least expected.

That said, below is part of the piece after I shifted perspective.

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