Thursday, February 7, 2008

How to kill a morning

You leave the house with no actual agenda, a full tank of gas, and a friend that can be just as random as you. We left early with the idea that we would find some of the smaller towns around here and explore those. What actually happened was we drove by an old cemetary outside of Harrisburg. We got out to take pictures. Then, after my hands had frozen to my camera, we got back into the van and decided to go see some other cemetaries. We found one on the back road to Veneta and then one outside of Noti.

I love old cemetaries. Some of the very old graves had relatively fresh flowers placed at them. I was particularly touch by this one:

This little girl passed away over fifty years ago and someone still brings her toys.

But I was equally touched by the graves that were little more that a plastic marker. THere were several graves that were a simple marker with the name of the person. It seems easy to make up stories in a cemetary.

Here in the Willamette Valley, moss grows on everything that is not moving. There was wonderful moss on the markers and headstones. I love this stone. I had been concerned that I wouldn't have a suitable replacement for the random Santa segment of this blog. But I have enough photos of the grave markers that I think I may use those for a while.

The area surrounding Eugene is truly beautiful. I have a hard time leaving the house and not finding something that strikes me. What I am discovering is that, I could leave the house every morning and drive in any direction and be amused for hours on end. My dear friend and I can get in the car and yap, yap, yap. That makes the exploring so much more fun.

I think that I will leave it at that right now.


P.S. If , in the course of posting the markers, I post one of a family member or friend of a reader, I hope that I don't offend you. I photographed the ones that I found interesting or that touched me.

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