Friday, February 29, 2008

Something a little different today.

So this week has been a struggle for this little family. And yet, through all the frustration and insanity there have been amazing little bright spots. I would like to point them out. The day I bought the buttons the woman I bought them from gave the girls crafting supplies. She was very nice. Yesterday, while I was waiting to pick up LittleBit ( I won't call her stinky if I can help it, per request) a mom offered us a bag of barbies that are no longer played with in her house. LittleBit was thrilled and played with them all afternoon and most of this afternoon as well. And today,when I was out hitting the thrift stores, one of my cashiers gave us 10% off. Out of the goodness of her heart. So, I want to thank all of the people who in some small way renewed my faith that there are could people out there.
The geese were on a busy intersection. Just standing there honking at the cars going by. Crazy.
The pagoda is in my front yard. I had taken the photo while I was on the phone. I wasn't happy with the result so I tweaked it with a brush application in my photo editing software. I love the result. I will definatly be printing this and putting it in the office/studio.

Have a wonderful weekend and remember that without knowing it you touch peoples lives.


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