Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Library Day

Lets start with a random santa.

Wednesday, or Wacky Wednesday as the school calls it, is an early release day for the girls. We use the extra hour to go to the city library. And, really, nothing much happens on Wednesdays. That hump day thing really seems to get me. I am usually just wiped out at the middle of the week.

I was so wiped out that I didn't take any pictures at all today. Fortunalty, I have something like 5000 photos on my laptop. I am sure that I can find something to throw in here today.

I did some work, weaving. Much harder than I thought it would be. I am not even working on a big loom, just a little hand loom, that I made. But it is still physically more work than I thought it would be. I may go back to felt sooner than I thought.

The problem is, I start thinking that if I can figure out the technical aspect of anything then I can apply that to another medium. What else can I weave? Can I weave a different material into what I am working on? If I use a light weight something as warp (or weft, I forget), can I use a heavier something with it? These are questions that I am sure weavers know the answers to, but I don't, not yet, anyway.

No bites on the local posting. But I did have a weird thought. You know how there are garage bands? What about a garage gallery show. More for the artists or crafts persons who are struggling to find a gallery or niche or whatever. If I do anything with that little idea, it will be in the spring. Now it is too cold and my garage is full of furniture and stuff for the dump.

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