Sunday, November 25, 2007

This is it.

This is it, I have gone and done it now. I have a blog (but still no my-space page). I don't know where this will go or even when it will get there. But I figure I will share the journey.

I started reading blogs written by these wonderful artists, and crafters and slowly, some ideas started creeping into my head. And, after several months of an excrutiating job hunt ( that will probably be heard from later), I am seriously looking into inviting art into my life as a dedication. Something that will help put food on the table. Art as a entire way of life.

I am lucky in this, in that my husband thinks we can make this work. I have a studio and an office and plenty of space to work, and ideas galore.

Why did I take the time to tell you all of this? Because I am hoping to use this blog as my giant internet idea board. My space to place my concepts and plans and ideas. Hopefully, I will have readers who will help keep me on track.

So with that I think I will be off for now.

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