Tuesday, March 11, 2008

52 Projects

I have lost that creative spark that I had at the beginning of this blog. I think it ran away due to stress. I am looking for work outside the home and we all know how that sucks.

So in an effort to find that spark I am back to the 52 projects book. Thank goodness for that book. Right now it feels like a little bit of sanity. One of my favorite projects right now is to right down 13 of my own personal superstitions. And that is turning out to be a much harder project then I thought. I have personal "things" that I am righting down and thinking about. Since own of the focuses of the book is to connect with family and friends, I think I will create a list (a fill in the blank) to send to friends and family. I want to know what their superstitions are.

The list so far is:

1) I have to say "thank you" every time I light incense

2) I capitalize the words Gods and Gods and Goddess no matter what the context.

3)I have to check my e-mail first when I get on the internet

But, I know I have a lot more and the e-mail thing is a habit, not a superstition. So, anyway, that is what I am working on right now. How about you?

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