Sunday, March 9, 2008

Spring is here

This is a Random Grave: I think this was one of the prettiest stones I saw. The rain on the flowers was amazing

There are flowers all over the neighborhood and most of the neighbors are out in their yards today. I am sitting at my computer working on my book. And doing laundry. You have to work when the inspiration hits, right?

My book is a little something I like to call verbal vomit. There is a plot and I work really hard on it. BUt I only seem to work on it when I am under extreme stress. I use the writing to find a way for my subconcious mind to work out what ever problems I seem to be having. And generally speaking it seems to work for me.
Lately I have been thinking that $60,000 question: what would I do (work wise) if money were no object? The answer seems to be, I think I would love to open an art center. I love the idea of finding a way to make studio space available to more artists. Additionally, I love the idea of a gallery to show, and sell. Better networking, community, something that isn't cliquey or exclusive. I would love to have a place where artists (even those who have no intention of becoming "professional") can find support and instruction.

Following that train of thought, I wondered if a group of artists could work like a book club. Sort of a "here is what I have done this week, what have you done". I have been trying to find out if there is anything like that here, but have been so far unsuccessful. I think my over all goal is to find a group of welcoming, non-judgemental peers who will help focus and inspire. If any of you know of anything like that or are a part of anything like that, let me know. I would love to hear how it works, or even if it is working for you.


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