Sunday, March 16, 2008


I am noticing a pattern here. I seem to post about once a week. I keep trying to post more often, but life just keeps getting in the way. Today, for instance, I have a sick girl, and a 14 year old. Then there is appeasing the neighbor (ughh..., but I still did it) and various other dramas that pop up.

I did sit down and get some work done. I made a fun little window hanger thingy for the girls room. And I have been making cuffs like crazy. I am making sets of cuffs with little pins and making them into gift sets. Fun, cute and functional.
Lets see... I haven't really had time to do any other writing. And to tell the truth, I have been so bogged down by things around here, that I haven't had the desire to do much creatively. I am still working on a 52projects project. I am taking each year of my life and writing down a memory, and trying to add a photo. Each year has its own index card and tells any memory. I love this idea because I can apply the same principle to everyone in the family and expand as needed. It can be used for as many memories as I want.

And, finally, Happy St. Patty's Day to you all.


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