Wednesday, March 19, 2008

things I have seen the last couple of days

Let me start off by saying the last few days have been very very stressful for me. I am dealing with some personal stuff, and I started a great new job. But, the biggest problem has been my alergies are working over time. So anyway, I thought I would just post some photos of stuff I have seen lately, with captions.

Little Bit doing homework in the public library this afternoon. She has taken to carrying around the pink pouch full pencils every homework day. i think there are 20 pencils in there.

This is how Sissy takes pictures now. This is a new phase of not letting me see her face.

This is just a pick tree downtown. I think the pink blossoms are what are killing me.

This is a turkey on the neighbors roof. The neighbor is behind us and slightly downhill. I looked out the slider while helping Little Bit do her homework and there it was. Today while driving the girls to school I saw two more walking down the street.

This is an alley downtown. It was so pretty. The houses along this street were very country cottage like. Just one of the things I love about this place.
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