Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The seasons are changing here. Very slowly, but they are changing. We planted our veggies in the garden and are making plans to redo the front yard.
Things are changing over at my other blog as well. We reworked the format. I know that I felt very overwhelmed, trying to get a picture a day that was relevant and of any sort of quality. So, now there will be a picture a week. We are adding the bonus of a little personal insight. Each of us will tell the viewer/reader what the word of the week means to us. I think that will create a deeper connection.
I continue to work on etsy.com stuff. Posting new items as I get good pictures of them. A bit of a challenge, when the natural light around you is very very gray. But I do what I can.
With that, I am off to more and more work.

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