Sunday, April 19, 2009

I know what I said...

I had said that I would be a very good girl and get many more things posted to today. But, that is not likely to happen at this point. Here it is, 8p.m. and I have photos taken, but not all of them are resized. I don't have anything officially measured. And let me just mention that I spent a big chunk of the day working in the front yard.

I am very glad that I spent the day out in the beautiful weather, instead of hunched over my computer. Now I have a lovely terraced/rocky area, where before we had muck and garbage. It did kind of get away from us last year.

I love these, because they look like little headstones. And I love headstones.

Also, this last week I have had the same thought running through my head. "If you have to lie and cheat and manipulate to get it, maybe you are not meant to have it." Not entirely sure why this has been reluctant to leave my consciousness, but it won't go away.

I will post as soon as I have the etsy stuff ready. Which may even be tonight.

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