Thursday, April 2, 2009

What a busy week

Where to even start...
In addition to all of the normal goings-on, i.e. school, my real job, being a mom, I have been busy crafting up a storm. I am in the middle of two tutus. One for big sis one for little sis.
I have been taking photo after photo, trying to get just the right one for the shop. However the weather here has not been cooperating. I do have two new paintings up. And I was featured on a blog at I am super excited that people are starting to see what i have been doing for the last two years. I am feeling like I am finally busting out of my shell. Break free from all of the stuff (whatever that was) that was holding me back.
So, I think that this will be a quicky post, and I will be off and running to keep up the good work, as it were.
Also, I just love that pic I took at the cemetery at the UofO campus. I think I will be making prints of it.
More very soon.

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