Thursday, November 12, 2009

I am a brave girl

BeforeBefore I get into why I am a brave girl, I want to let you all know that I am having severe computer issues. My laptop died. And that is making everything difficult. I can't get onto Facebook when I get ahold of a computer to use. I therefore am not at all certain if the blog will be something that continues to get updated in anything like a regular manner. Just a bit of a warning. 

Now, I was brave! Super duper brave. I did something that I have wanted to do for many many years. I got a tattoo. Just a small one on my foot.

I have wanted to get inked for probably twenty years, but haven't because I am a chicken. I hate pain and am so terrified of it. And I was never sure what I would want for the rest of my life. I get hennaed frequently, because it is ever-changing art. But a tattoo is forever. 

When I was doodling at work, quite a while back while thinking about personal mythology and personal symbolism I came up with my personal symbol. It is an open ended infinity symbol with a dot in the upper end. To me it represents a Ganesh in a boiled down form. The simplest form of the remover of obstacles, wrapped up in forever. When I doodled this, I knew immediately that this is what I wanted and I knew that it had to be on my foot. 

It didn't hurt nearly as badly as I thought it would and the tattoo is more then worth it. Chandra is a genius. So, now I just need to get my tramp stamp.

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