Monday, November 2, 2009

There were lots of little projects

This past weekend was busy. Of course there was Halloween, and shopping for Vypati's birthday, and just general being a grown up stuff. And I did try to get photos of it all.

The one thing that I really wanted to get a picture of, but couldn't (although I will try later this week) is the project I did on a whim. As you know, I make dolls. I am always trying to find a way to make them just a touch more artsy, and individual and so on. While picking through pumpkin guts for the pumpkin seeds (which I love!) I thought "Hey, why not dye fabric with pumpkin". So I did. Sort of. Having never done this before, I didn't do it very well. I used too much water and I don't think that I broke down the pumpkin well enough. 

The result was a very pale yellowy orange. I have lots of pumpkin and they are cheap this time of year so I will keep at it until I figure it out. 

And before we leave, here is my little zombie! She brought home a huge amount of candy.


The Voracious Vegan said...

Dyeing fabric with pumpkin is genius! I would love to see a photo of that brilliance in action. Cute little zombie!

k's mumbo jumbo said...

I am having a hard time getting another batch done. But it is high on the list of things to do and to blog.