Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

I try not to do the resolution thing. I don't like the idea of doing it sort of arbitrarily. A month and a half ago I made changes (resolutions) and have stuck to them so far.

I woke up today to the most beautiful blue sky, with just a bit of fog in the valley below me. Sadly, the sun didn't last long, and we spent the rest of the day in fog ourselves.

I intended to work on "something" all day. But I found that I had too many ideas floating around my head all trying to come together and solidify themselves. That is right, I had too many ideas in my head. I did spend a lot of time sketching and doodling. I hate my doodles, they are sooo bad that I rarely use them for anything. I did learn that I can stain felt with regular stamp pad ink and it creates a very interesting "watercolor" effect on the felt. Don't know what I will do with that yet. I found some paper that will certainly become a project just for me. And I did some 52project work.

I am not entirely sure where I should notate my 52 projects stuff. I thought about making a new notebook to hold all my notes and photos and all that. But then that is just one more thing that may or may not get done. Although just now while I was typing that out I though of my solution. I will buy giant tags and make at least each side of a tag the story of the project. (By the way I just the random problem solving that starts to happen when you shift the way you think and see the world). Anyway, one of the projects was to write a letter to anyone, but to try to avoid using names so that it was pretty anonymous to whoever finds the letter. Then you take the letter and stuff it in a library book, and the less likely to be checked out soon, the better. I didn't really like the idea of writing a letter, but I had a bunch of poetry that was lying around waiting for some use. I copied a poem onto an index card and put it in a book that might get checked out, but not by someone looking for poetry.

Part of the reason I choose that project was because I have a stash of all of the stuff that I have found in library books I have checked out. I will be making a collage from them when I have enough.

Happy New Year All, I have a feeling this is the year for positive changes and growth.


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