Monday, December 10, 2007

Our fairy bath with a leaf in it. I just thought it was pretty.

I haven't posted for a while, for a couple of reasons. We are having some techincal difficulties that have yet to be explained, I am getting overwhelmed with Christmas prep, and the weekends are starting to get out of control.

Great excuses each one, to be certain, but in the end, they are just excuses. I did finish all (and extra even) of my Christmas cards. I will take a photo and post in the next couple of days. I started my tags for all my gifts. I decided that all my under the tree gifts are going to look great. I am hand making all my tags. Lots of ribbon. We will see. I will post a photo when I get everything done.

Like I said, I got bogged down with alot of day to day stuff. I only went down to the studio to check the vase I started. Turns out two things went terribly wrong. FIsrt, my sheet of papier mache was way too thick. This should be an easily solved problem. The second, was an amazingly stupid error on my part. I didn't check to make sure the bottom was even enough to stand on it's own. It wasn't. I may try to "fix it" by sanding it or creating a bottom. A few other surprise IDEAS have gone through my head to solve this. But the truth is I will probably have to make a new sheet of papier mache and start over.

I will try like crazy to keep up with everything from now on. I promise.

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