Thursday, December 13, 2007

I am so blogging a squirrel

That is what I told my son right after I took the above photo today. I was going to move that pumpkin next to the fence by the big tree where the racoons live. But Darryl (that is what I named the squirrel) is a brave soul and seems to enjoy eating near the house. He doesn't even mind the cats staring at him from either side of the door. I love that living here is such an adventure, even if we don't leave the house.

I think we may be coming down with colds here. Boo has been home for two days, and I even took a nap on the couch today.

I have been trying and trying to photograph my bracelets, but I have yet to get anything that actually makes me happy. I will keep trying, because I need photos to be able to post anything. I will show you the polkadot bracelet I finished today. I love the looke of red and white polk a dots. Very classic and yet very now. Timeless.

Through this process I have been reading other peoples blogs and finding all sorts of wonderful things on the internet and in the library and in the real world. Decided to approach your world differently changes what you look for. Now I look to see where the art is in what I am looking at.

Anyway, awhile ago I found a website: 52projects. I fell in love. Yesterday, during our Wednesday library trip I found the book that goes with the website. I very nearly did my happy cackle. Which I am sure would have turned heads. So now I am trying to delve into that. I will, of course keep you posted.


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