Friday, December 7, 2007

I got work done!

The photo above is of a headband I whipped up this morning. The stinker wearing it decided that she wanted something fancy to wear to school today. I have these giant flowers laying around (can't have too many silk flowers, and the cheap ones from the dollar store are great, 'cause you can paint them) and a really cheap headband. Put them together and you have a terrible cute headband, that the darling that wanted to wear it doesn't and it ends up under the table by the front door.

I spent yesterday in the studio. I started working a bowl that I may actually finish tonight. I also started playing with the idea of using papier mache as a "clay". I may have talked aobut this before. I started thinking about sheets of paper mache, which I have used in making jewelry. THe more I thought about it, the more I started thinking that maybe if I worked with the sheets before they set I could create a seamless piece.

This photo is the seamless piece that I am working on. I am loving the shape of it. But it is really heavy. And that is my fault, I should have used half as many layers. Live and learn. What you are seeing is my form, (a vase that is slightly "tweaked") and the free form bit. All of this had to be propped up with boxes and a spare glue bottle. SOmetimes I amuse myself with what I can rig up when I have too. I will say that the terrible color of the photo is due to my inablity to take good photos in bad light. My studio is supposed to be the garage and that is where the piece is drying.

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