Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Busy Day

I had such a busy day that I don't know how much I will post now and how much I will post at a later date. The kids went back to school, I went around town finding new places, Sissy had her first play rehersal, and I got a bunch of busy work done. That pic is of sissy after rehersal. I wish I could tell you how excited she is for this musical.

Part of my struggle the last couple of days has been feeling like I bit off more than I can chew with a new project. I decided to do a 365 project. That means I do some specific thing at least once a day for a full year. I had thought that I would go and find objects discarded by people around town. I wrote up a great started bit and was (and, to be fair, still am) very gung-ho about it. What I discovered was, it may not be reasonable for me to get out of the house every single day. So I thought, okay, I just need to find one object for every day, and if I miss days (like I did due to that illness last week) I can catch up. But finding objects was the tough part. I rethought the project. And in rethinking it I redefined it. Now, I am looking for objects that can be either picked up that may or may not have been discarded, or objects I can photograph, that have struck me in some way. My biggest stipulation to this is that I was in some way touched, or inpired by that object. I hope that loosening up my rules will keep the project going.

So I left the house after I dropped off the kids. I went shopping, found a great yarn shop, and a cooking school. How cool is that. But the most amazing thing was the STREET MANDALA that I found accidently. Just out driving. Someone put a lot of time and energy into bringing a bit of peace and harmony to their neighborhood. I love it.

I bought yarn, and three tiny little pots. I finished a cuff ( and it was quilted, I have never done that before), and started another one. I organized a bunch and started a scrap page. I realized that it is okay to start a page if the idea is there and finish it when the idea is finished. I can not be the only person in the world who missed creative oppurtunities because of waiting for the idea to become finished in my mind. Now I jump on those ideas and enjoy the process.
More tomorrow

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