Friday, January 25, 2008

I really didn't forget about all this

I really, truly didn't. My laptop is still acting up. I can't get it to do much of anything. So I am finding myself at this very frustrating crossroads. I really am getting tired of these somewhat ridicoulous set backs.

Let me just brief you quickly on what I have been making. I made darling tacks. I thought that it was a very good idea to do some little detail things around the office area. So I made tacks by gluing buttons onto regular tacks. Now they match the office and look finished. I quilted a pillow. But I am not all that happy with it. It was my first attempt at quilting so... I think all things considered I did okay.

I have been reading and finding other things to do to keep busy. As always, as soon as I can I will post photos.


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