Saturday, January 12, 2008

Weekend goings on

I have been busy the last couple of days. I mentioned that I found my canvases. Well, I have put them to good use. Finished two paintings. I will be hanging the cherry one in the kitchen, and I don't know what I will be doing with the other. But I am very happy with both of them. The roses one felt like a dramatic departure from my "style". And both of them strike me as very graphic.

I made a darling doorhanger for the girls. I was watching football (UGH!!!!) and like to have something to do when the game starts to stress me out (I take my football very seriously). I have started lifting from my old magazines. I would call it scraplifting, but I am not making just scrapbook pages, so... I should really call it idea left. WHatever, I am finding inspriatio and using it as much as I can. This doorhanger is from an old creatingkeepsakes mag. I love how it turned out.

Yesterday I made yummy chocolate covered pretzels. Very simple, although really messy! But the girls loved them! Just look at how much Stinky likes them! Another thing we are doing this year is being very careful what we eat. I read labels like crazy. I discovered that the packets of oatmeal that the girls love for breakfast are packed with chemicals. So we will be making our own from now on. Sissy is still trying to find the right flavor combination.

Tomorrow we are having a girls day. They boys will be playing football with a bunch of brothers friends (a belated birthday get-together), so the girls and I are going to see a movie at the dollar theater. We may change our minds though, because the weather is supposed to be very nice. I would not say no to getting out and exploring.

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